Hotel Andaz by Concrete
February 25, 2020
Like a kaleidoscope, the Andaz hotel reflects the culture and tradition of the neighbourhood, creating a stimulating and inspiring atmosphere ...
How Upcycling Is Turning Fashion Upside Down
February 25, 2020
Eco conscious Berlin fashion designer, Wilfried Pletzinger, shows us how to put value back into the clothes we no longer love by up-cycling. So often our wardrobes overflow with clothes that we haven't worn in years and probably won't wear again. Second hand stores will always remain a great charitable option for putting our unwanted […]
SAMESAME No. 02 by Laura Jungmann & Cornelius Réer GbR
July 4, 2019
SAMESAME is a collection of reformed glass objects, created by Cornelius Réer in his glass manufacture and produced from commercially available glass bottles. Those industrially produced bottles are being revalued both functionally and esthetically by means of traditional craftsmanship. Thus, the distinctive features of the industrially produced bottles are being preserved while their esthetics become […]
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