Scenografie collection

Unique metaphysical backdrops for show-stopping greenery

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April 12, 2022
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LATOxLATO presents "Scenografie", a new collection of architecturally-inspired cache-pots for succulent plants

Innovative, architectural cache-pots offer a spectacular display of greenery. These pieces offer an original way to showcase succulent plants: placing their fascinating sculptural forms, no two alike, on these foundations. Transcending the simple flowerpot, the design studio founded by Virginia Valentini and Francesco Breganze de Capnist has created a series of original and theatrical pieces of architecture for plants: stage-settings that combine the cache pot and its stand in a single object. These “Scenografie” are as mysterious and metaphysical as a De Chirico painting, structured to show off the botanical geometries of succulents at their very best.

Quinta n. 1 - Scenografie collection
Quinta n. 1 - Scenografie collection

“We created this new collection for LATOxLATO when we realized that there weren’t as many options for displaying cactus plants as there were classic flowerpots for other houseplants. We started exploring the world of succulents - some of them very rare - and discovered marvelous examples of varied colors and complex, fleshy shapes. It’s not always enough to show off one of these unique beauties on a plain white wall or a crowded bookshelf. That gave us the idea to design a real “stage” where a cactus could be the star of the show”, explain LATOxLATO founders Virginia Valentini and Francesco Breganze de Capnist.

The “Scenografie” Collection

As in all of its other collections, LATOxLATO draws inspiration from the rich heritage of Italian art and architecture and reimagines it in an unexpected, contemporary style. The collection includes three pieces. Each recalls an iconic element of the artistic language of architectureand then, as in metaphysical poetry, decontextualizes it in a rarefied and almost dreamlike dimension.

“Quinta n. 1”
“Quinta n. 1” is a harmonious series of arches creating a deep perspective. On the boundary between the Romanesque and the Gothic.

Quinta n. 1” is a harmonious series of arches creating a deep perspective. On the boundary between the Romanesque and the Gothic, “Quinta n. 2” evokes the geometries of a cathedral. “Quinta n. 3” is a majestic and abstract stairway.

Quinta n. 2 - Scenografie collection
Quinta n. 2 - Scenografie collection

All three “stage settings” are specifically designed to show off the quiet presence of succulents.

Like all LATOxLATO pieces, they are all exclusively made in Italy. The workmanship stands out for its invisible welds: the visual continuity of the surfaces allows for maximum theatrical impact as a backdrop.

“Quinta n. 3”
“Quinta n. 3” is a majestic and abstract stairway.

The “Scenografie” collection is also suitable for outdoor use, thanks to the treatment of the materials. The mini-architectures are made of laser-cut iron, are hand-welded, and are painted with powder coatings that are resistant to corrosion, water, and aggressive agents.

The sophisticated color palette includes mica gray, corten, and tortoiseshell. A delicate tribute to the piazzas, palaces, and porticoes of the Italian Renaissance, bringing a special finishing touch to the architectural, geometrical, and metaphysical signature of “Scenografie.”

Technical Sheet

PRODUCTION: January 2022
- MATERIAL: Iron, Powder coating
- COLOUR: Mica gray, Corten and Tortoiseshell
- Quinta n.1 l. 20 cm p. 20 cm h. 31 cm
- Quinta n.2 l. 22.50 cm p. 22.50 cm h. 20 cm
- Quinta n.3 l. 10 cm p. 18 cm h. 30 cm

LATOxLATO is a design company founded by the creative duo Virginia Valentini and Francesco Breganze de Capnist. Italian by birth, travellers by nature, Francesco and Virginia, after graduating from the Milan Polytechnic, moved to the United States to work. Their partnership, besides being a professional one, is also one of a lifetime. Husband and wife share a deep creative and research affinity. From their experience in New York comes the awareness that no matter how far you go, your roots will always inspire your work. The passion for Made-in-Italy craftsmanship, and for Italy’s rich artistic and architectural heritage, is combined with an international and multicultural attitude. 

In 2018, the LATOxLATO brand was born, followed in 2021 by studioLATOxLATO, the creative soul of the brand dedicated to collaborations with other brands. In 2019, on the occasion of the reopening of the prestigious original location of Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores in Osaka, the Milanese presentation of LATOxLATO at Wallpaper* Handmade was selected among the seven best events organized during Milan Design Week. Thus, it was featured again at the elegant Lucien Pellat Finet boutique, designed by architect Kengo Kuma, to launch the OSAKA×MILANO DESIGN LINK event.

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