KLOSS- a new modular recycling furniture system by Kauppi & Kauppi

KLOSS- a new modular recycling furniture system by Kauppi & Kauppi

Designed by Kauppi & Kauppi for TreCe, KLOSS is a new modular recycling furniture system inspired by kids' building blocks that will launch at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2023 during Stockholm Design Week.

Curated by Aline Chahine | 
December 27, 2023
| Est. Reading: 3 minutes

The design is inspired by building blocks, one of the first things played with as kids. TreCe's vision is that KLOSS will function the same way - as creative playblocks for interior designers and architects! A recycling furniture system that can be close, accessible, and practical in all imaginable spaces and situations, contributing and encouraging a good recycling culture. 

KLOSS design concept includes three steel modules with different basic shapes and visual properties. Each module can be used singly or in various groups and creative formations, prepared to be elevated on adjustable legs or on wheels and equipped with a range of different open tops and a soft-closing lid. Every KLOSS unit has an integrated bag holder and can be further complemented with a separate inner container, which prevents leakage and can help reduce the use of bags. All modules that are connected and fixed together, can easily be disassembled, and can be regrouped into completely new formations at any time.

KLOSS can blend in or characterize a space, depending on the choice of color and accessories. The system's modularity makes it possible to build almost any formation needed, and to change the constellation over time to continuously follow the actual needs. KLOSS can be repeated in long straight rows, placed against a wall, angled to fill an inner corner, arranged to flow along an outer corner, or embracing a pillar. The modules can also be grouped in small or large freestanding recycling islands. If a recycling solution needs to be mobile, the KLOSS units can easily be mounted on wheels.

Our KLOSS furniture design has an obvious purpose and function, but also carries a message and an encouragement reflecting our times. We believe that the world needs more functional furniture that is durable and adaptable over time. Therefore, it has been exciting to collaborate with one of the leading Nordic producers of design solutions for recycling. A field where we as designers and our studio have the will and the obligation to contribute to a more sustainable future” - Kauppi & Kauppi


What: KLOSS is a modular recycling furniture system
Units: 3 Modules with various shapes. Measurements: W360 x D360 x H700
Volume: 62-68 liters
Materials: Steel, Inner container in recycled ABS: 45 liters
Surfaces: Powder coat
Accessories: Wheels, Adjustable legs, Inner container
Project group: Nina Kauppi, Johan Kauppi, Åsa Vallentin, Timmy Elfström

KLOSS recycling system reflects a need to separate and organize, putting the right materials in the right bins for recycling. What was once defined as waste is now a material resource that can be reused. All interiors and situations have different conditions, and with KLOSS there are almost endless possibilities to build whatever form and function is needed, in any RAL colour desired. Creative and playfull recycling units for all environments. ”Modularity” is the basic idea and design essence of KLOSS. A vast and highly flexible, connectable modular system for recycling. Three different modules, made of steel, provide endless possibilities and shapes. Choice of modules and configuration, together with the choice of colour, top, lid, and accessories - gives the recycling unit its final shape and expression.

Sustainability and materials

  • The modules are made of 20% recycled steel with long durability.
  • Circular product: modules can be disassembled and replaced, refreshed, repaired, refurbished and recycled.
  • The steel body is made in parts that are joined together by the click method and are detachable for renovation.
  • Container with base insert allows the use of paper bag.
  • Container and base insert is made of 100% recycled ABS plastic.
  • The rubber inlet is made of black bio-based ECO EPDM rubber.
  • KLOSS can hold up to 62-68L.
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