Architecture & Design Collection Awards 2023

Call for Submission: Architecture & Design Collection Awards 2023

In today's world, where innovation and creativity take center stage, the Architecture & Design Collection Awards serve as a focal point for pioneering concepts and exceptional talent.

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September 1, 2023
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As a prestigious global platform, the ADC Awards 2023 invites creative minds from across the world to showcase their exemplary works that shape the future and breathe life into the extraordinary.

The ADC Awards 2023 are open to entries from all corners of the globe, seeking to capture a wide range of skills and expertise. As a symbol of excellence, ADC Awards honor outstanding architects, designers, web designers, research, entrepreneurs, students, and other creative thinkers. Whether you represent a well-known studio or are just starting your career, your innovative ideas are invited to this fair and broad-minded competition.

Some of last year's Platinum Winners in the Professionals Category, each reflecting the quality and creativity fostered by the ADC Awards, were:

  • "Kuulas" by Cameron Design House: A breathtaking creation that transcends conventional aesthetics
  • "No Footprint House (NFH)" by A-01 (A Company / A Foundation): An architectural marvel championing sustainability
  • "XP Zero" by Untitled Motorcycles: A fusion of design and technology, crafting the future of transportation
2022 Winners of ADC Awards
2022 winners - Check the full list

Your Benefits of the Architecture & Design Collection Awards 2023 Include:

  • Certificate of Achievement for all Winners & Awardees
  • Personalized Award Logo for all Winners
  • Award Trophy for all Winners & Awardees
  • A featured spot on our homepage, exclusive landing page, and social media channels
  • Opportunity to grace the covers of future ADC Awards publications
  • Inclusion in ADC’s newsletters

297 Nominations spanning the following Categories:

  • Architecture
  • Interior
  • Landscape
  • Conceptual Design
  • Fashion
  • Furniture
  • Lighting
  • Packaging
  • Product
  • Transportation
  • Communication & Web Design.

Grand Jury Members: A constellation of celebrated professionals:

  • Gerrick Numan - Owner, Creative Director, Millé / New Zealand
  • Bret Recor – Founder & Creative Director, Box Clever / USA
  • Annabella Hervesi - Head of Design, I O Line and Round / Hungary
  • Katrina Yin - Design Manager, JDS Development Group / USA
  • Nuno Costa - Architect, ARCA EUAC, Doisarcuitectos / Portugal
  • Hannah Churchill - Founder, hcreates interior design / China

Award Schedule: A timeline for success:

  • 1st September 2023: Deadline for early registration
  • 13th October 2023: Standard registration deadline
  • 17th November 2023: Late registration deadline
  • 18th November 2023: Deadline for submitting projects
  • 20th November 2023: Evaluation period begins
  • 22nd December 2023: Winners announced

The ADC Awards 2023 is more than a competition; it's a movement to inspire, a stage to excel, and a community that champions the relentless pursuit of design perfection.

Join us in this celebration of design excellence and let your work resonate on a global scale.

REGISTER today at ADC AWARDS and follow ADC on Instagram and Facebook for the latest updates.

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