The lobby at Townplace West Kowloon by LAAB

Townplace West Kowloon by LAAB

A concept hotel that caters to different moods while cultivating cultural exchange and community formation

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May 29, 2024
| Est. Reading: 3 minutes
Project Details:
Address: Hong Kong
Year: 2024
Area: 374,000 sq.ft.

TOWNPLACE WEST KOWLOON belongs to a new generation of hotels that cultivates a communal sense of belonging and social dynamics. Embracing Hong Kong West Kowloon’s unique location as the nexus of cargo terminals and now of arts and culture, TOWNPLACE WEST KOWLOON is a dynamic meeting port for people from different parts of the world.

Townplace West
Townplace West Photo Credit: Steven Ko Interior Photography

Commissioned by Sun Hung Kai Properties, Hong Kong-based LAAB Architects designed the social spaces, hundreds of suites, and co-curated an art collection featuring Hong Kong artists to create a socially engaging and culturally rich experience.

The brief challenged LAAB to design social spaces that create a sense of inclusivity for people with different personalities and moods. Being “social” could mean different things for different people— for extroverts, it could mean talking and laughing with friends and strangers; for others, that could simply mean an exchange of smiles, or merely a peaceful co-existence in the same space, in an “alone together” kind of state. A person’s mood can also change throughout the day, one can be an extrovert in the morning and retreat to one’s cocoon at night.

To design a series of social spaces for people with diverse moods, LAAB uses a collection of diverse and heterogeneous materials to create spaces that speak to different states of emotion, be it cool, playful, calm, or meditative while satisfying different program needs.

Lobby Photo Credit: Steven Ko Interior Photography


LAAB reinterpreted the grand lobby from a single large volume to a collage of individualities so that the lobby becomes cozier and more manageable to hang out. The materials for this space are an eclectic mix of refined and industrial finishes mixed with natural, raw materials to create a cool but energetic mood. There is a stackable set of blocks at the lift lobby for guests to reconfigure freely for various events. The lobby space is arranged in a way that allows diverse activities to happen, be it meeting or working at the coffee bar or hosting events.

A digital art mural at the lift lobby was created by LAAB to visualize the rhythmic movement of the elevators, transforming the daily mundane into fun and engaging artwork.

Lobby Photo Credit: Steven Ko Interior Photography

CLUB: Flavour Lounge / Think Tank / High Bar

The CLUB is curated in three different moods and vibes for different activities and interactions, including a green space, a cool industrial zone, and a playful area. In contrast with traditional hotel arrangements, there is no specific restaurant, bar, or business center. Guests can work, meet, and play anywhere on this floor, enjoying various kinds of facilities offered.

Flavour Lounge is a green space with timber and natural materials, offering a relaxing and chill mood that connects with the outdoor garden lounge. It offers communal kitchens, hotpot stations, bento kiosks, craft workshops, and party rooms. There is also a loose boundary between the interior and exterior at the Flavour Lounge, inviting residents and their guests to enjoy the harbor view from the indoor or on the outdoor terraces.

Flavour Lounge
Flavour Lounge Photo Credit: Steven Ko Interior Photography

Think Tank is a refined industrial space offering soundproofed rooms, and various sets of seatings catering to a broad range of activities, from work collaboration and reading groups to movie nights, gaming, and wine tasting.

High Bar is a cool and playful space that provides a bar, automated beer taps, and lounge seating. The partitioned space can be combined into a big private space for parties or dinner events.

The High Bar
The High Bar Photo Credit: Steven Ko Interior Photography

GYM: Mindful Studio / Beast Studio/Skybound pool

There are two gyms that offer dual workout experiences. Mindful Studio is a soft and mindful space for yogis to rewind. Beast Studio - a tough and raw studio for high-intensity workout activities. Curtains are used to carve out space for private class when needed. The Skybound pool features a mural artwork by LAAB inspired by the cargo terminal of West Kowloon to develop a connection with the neighborhood.

Mindful Photo Credit: Steven Ko Interior Photography


Designed for both short-stay and long-stay guests, the Suites are carefully planned to maximize the connection between the interior and the outdoor views. A high diversity of living units accommodates various lifestyles and personalities, with a single mission to make each suite highly functional and comfortable.

Plenty of storage is provided, while the pantry and desks are designed as a coherent system that provides maximum counter space. The sofas are reconfigurable modules that are large enough for sleepovers.

The soft and warm material palette is inspired by the colors found in the neighborhoods of West Kowloon, which offer vibrancy and a warm sense of home.

Project Credits:

Architects: LAAB
Lighting Designer: Inverse Lightings
Lighting Designer: LightLinks
Artwork Co-curator: Odds and Ends
Project Architect: P&T Group / P&T Architects and Engineers
Facade Architect: Aedas

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