Lola's Level 1 by H-E Architects

Lola's Level 1 by H-E Architects

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April 8, 2022
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Lola’s was initially conceptualised as a personality – one used to frame the delivery of this exciting and unique addition to the Bondi bar /restaurant scene.

Born of hospitality passion by industry purveyors Manny Spinola (Grand Pacific Group) and Marco Ambrosino (Fratelli Paradiso; 10 William St), the project delivered H&E a creative and rare opportunity to engage this tightly-held precinct and find cut-through via informed and acute execution that stands apart.

Lola's Level 1 by H-E Architects

Lola’s, elevated one level above ground, rests on Campbell Parade with uninterrupted views across Bondi Beach and the wider Pacific Ocean.

Lola's Level 1 by H-E Architects

The design approach stemmed from a desire to reflect contemporary Mediterranean motifs married to the identity of the so-called ‘Lola’ – a creative character in essence, and one here to make a scene without the obnoxious connotations such a sequence of words may evoke. Taking from such a foundation was to realise a new sensory experience that engenders a balance of relaxation and excitement for its patrons. The design response is a deliberate abstraction of traditional sensibility and modern composure.

Lola's Level 1 by H-E Architects
Lola's Level 1 by H-E Architects

The material and finish palette provides an eclectic mix of metal, leather, timber, plaster, ceramics and concrete. There is a softness and tactility evident throughout. The dark moodiness provides a welcome counterpoint to the bright buzz of Bondi below; deep colours embraced to echo the expanse of the ocean and soften the often-harsh summer sunlight.

Due to constraints of servicing within the existing building and available budget (much was achieved on very little), the location of the kitchen was pre-defined.

Lola's Level 1 by H-E Architects

The decision to position the bar central to the wall of arches is a definitive move making the bar and its theatrics the venue’s focal point. This also established the central circulation spine between bar and kitchen -- both effective and efficient and also focussing movement towards the centre of the small venue and its lively atmosphere.

A blue stucco wall punctuated with a rhythmic arrangement of arches forms the spine of the space. Sometimes the arches lead to other places – a back bar or a back rest, all framed by a

vibrancy that is overlaid by the integration of signage, product displays, classic furnishings and feature light fittings as alluring touchpoints.

Lola’s is both welcoming and timeless; a scene and a reprieve; creative and constrained -- just as the client envisioned of their imagined ‘Lola’.

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