ATTIC's Jewellery Studio

Every Facet of ATTIC's Jewellery Studio Reflects Canadian Artistry & Collaboration

ATTIC, a Toronto-based ethical fine jewellery company, opened earlier this year a new design for their East End studio

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May 27, 2024
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Project Details:
Address: Toronto
Year: 2023
Area: 600 sq.ft.

ATTIC, a Toronto-based ethical fine jewellery company, opened earlier this year a new design for their East End studio. After eight years in business, including six in their present location, co-founders Melissa Gobeil and Susan Shaw felt the need for a new, smart layout to accommodate their growing team, expanding clientele, and specific design processes. They enlisted Toronto-based space and object designer Simone Ferkul to embody the essence of the brand's evolution.

ATTIC's Jewellery Studio
Photo Credit: Riley Snelling

The vision was for a truly functional studio space. It needed to seamlessly blend materials with space, reflect the collaboration between designer and client, and integrate the design process with the customer experience. This meant catering to a wide range of activities, from goldsmithing and 3D modeling to consultations on custom jewelry design and client shopping excursions.

Sculpture from Vessels + Sticks
Sculpture from Vessels + Sticks (No. 38 - 2 Part Sculpture by Jana Osterman - Material: Unglazed stoneware), Pouf by Ffabb, Vintage Travertine plinth found by Alvar Home Photo credit: Riley Snelling

The designer's product line embodied simple, timeless design principles and used ethical materials. Recycled gold, conflict-free diamonds sourced from Canada, and a variety of jewelry pieces like engagement rings, earrings, and a series of double cross necklace were all hallmarks of the brand. Achieving a perfect balance of beauty, approachability, and lasting appeal was paramount in the redesign of the studio space.

"It was important to us to work with local and Canadian collaborators," says Susan Shaw. "Many of the elements were custom-made for our space as a reflection of our brand—elevated, unique, but classic, approachable, and comfortable."

"Throughout the project, we prioritized celebrating and uniting Canadian makers, crafting a space that honoured artistry," says Simone Ferkul. "This was achieved through an open, symmetrical layout made of honest materials and elevated by meticulous detailing."

Forals by Shop Flùr
Forals by Shop Flùr Photo Credit: Riley Snelling

"From the material selection to the jewellery display layout, we were highly involved, working in close collaboration with Simone," adds Melissa Gobeil. “The result is a thoughtful space that continues to invite transparency into the jewellery-making process, while elevating the client design experience."

ATTIC's Jewellery Studio
Photo Credit: Riley Snelling

A palette grounded in textured minimalism and artisanal craft became the supporting background to ATTIC’s jewellery. The space is anchored by a custom jewellery bar made of Ceppo Antico, a unique marble dappled with an array of mineral inclusions, mirroring the jewellery it displays. The geometrical walnut stools, designed by Ferkul and constructed by Hamilton-based Tetome House, provide a comfortable perch for dreaming up distinct designs. The space is flanked by custom-stained white oak veneer millwork, illuminated by suspended linear modular lighting by Anony, and refined with vintage and locally sourced accessories.

Project Credits:

Client: ATTIC
Design Studio: Simone Ferkul Projects 
Collaborators: Visual Elements, Anony, Tetome House, Shop Flùr, Souvenir, Alvar Home, Vessels + Sticks

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