Cafe Waldeck Amsterdam by Framework Studio

Cafe Waldeck Amsterdam by Framework Studio

At the heart of the design lies a spacious bar positioned at the center of the café. This bar serves as the defining element for the spatial layout.

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August 13, 2023
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Waldeck is the name of a new bar in Amsterdam. Waldeck refers to the street on which it is located. The Emmastraat is named after Queen Emma van Waldeck-Pyrmont.

The centre of the design is the large bar located in the middle of the Cafe. The Bar defines the layout of the space. With its detailing and finishings it feels as a bar should feel like. Sitting at the bar you have a perfect view over the Vondelpark and Koninginneweg.

Many of the classic bar materials and colors have been used, such as oak wood, brass, mirror surfaces, tiles, carpeted floors, rattan and marble, shades of red and blue, but this time applied in a completely unexpected way and designed with unique detail.

Cafe Waldeck Amsterdam by Framework Studio
© Peter Baas

In the rear of the bar the atmosphere hints at the Art Deco times, with high wall panelings in deep blue colors, clear and fume mirror and in front of it a long bench in velvet and leather in deep red colors.
The ambience in the winter garden is more botanical and Parisian-feeling, thanks to the Thonet chairs in rattan and the french woolen carpet with a banana leaves-pattern applied on the floor.

At Waldeck the look is not rough or so called vintage like in many other bars/restaurants, but clean and fresh. A bar where during the day the crisp colors and sharp details make a fresh statement, while in the nighttime, the brass and dark red colors become more intense and create an intimate atmosphere for afterwork drinks and dinner.

The outside terrace has all day sun orientation with a beautiful view on the Vondelpark. The outside facade opens completely in summertime, transforming the winter garden to a covered summer terrace.

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