"Clube 39", Portugal by Yaroslav Galant

"Clube 39", Portugal by Yaroslav Galant

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November 26, 2019
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Project Details:
Address: Estoril
Year: 2017
Area: 300 sq.m.

Yaroslav Galant adds an eclectic structure from shipping containers for Portuguese Football Club.

"Clube 39" includes offices and the universal transformable space, which joins restaurant, training center, conference hall, museum and open terrace facing training fields. 

The structure is created from five shipping containers combined under parametrical roof.

"Clube 39", Portugal by Yaroslav Galant
Photo © Dima Kornilov

Simplicity, strong winds resistance, energy efficiency and ecological compatibility - are tasks, which were successfully solved by a new design, considering features of climate and location of the project.

"The parametrical structure of the roof is designed in such a way so as to cut 95% of head wind, and to direct 5% into the building, providing natural ventilation. Thus, there was no longer any necessity for installation of air-conditioners. Besides, the wooden parametrics creates a natural shadow which during the day travels around the surfaces of the building, playing with forms and shades", - Yaroslav Galant tells about his project.

"Clube 39", Portugal by Yaroslav Galant
Photo © Dima Kornilov

Founded in 1939, the “Estoril Praia” club has a long story of traditions and achievements. The symbolical name and interiors of "Clube 39" develop an esthetics of emotional mid-century modern style. Bar - 3D Mondrian style, wall with graphic and bauhaus panels in office etc.  Recognizable elements of situation and color palette, significant for style, create the comfortable friendly atmosphere, uniting different generations under a logo of the club.

"Clube 39" became the fourth realized project of Yaroslav Galant innovative design studio in Portugal.

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