Everden Residence: a single family home in Toronto

Everden Residence: a single family home in Toronto

Studio AC introduces Everden, its new build construction of a single family residence.

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February 19, 2024
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Project Details:
Address: Toronto
Year: 2021
Area: N/A

Despite the growing popularity of Toronto Home Additions, a diverse array of projects has emerged in the city, including the latest endeavor by Studio AC—a single-family home with a gabled roof.

Studio AC presents Everden, its latest single-family residence construction project. The objective was to design a home that reflected the individuality and personal taste of the homeowners, boldly embracing contemporary elements while incorporating subtle nods to traditional notions of a "house." The result is a three-story structure resembling stacked boxes, with the theme of "house" intricately woven throughout the interior.

While a gabled roof is emblematic of the traditional concept of a "house," the Studio aimed to transcend this motif into a spatial experience that would narrate the project's story. While a gabled space on Level 3 corresponds to the roofline, a deliberate decision was made to extend this feature to the ground floor as well. This extrusion of the gable enhances the sense of 'house' across the shared living areas, merging planometric and material directions to emphasize a three-dimensional stacking and staggering effect. This approach plays with the interplay between form, space, and motif, creating a dynamic architectural composition.

Main Bedroom
Main Bedroom / Photograph Doublespace Photography

The design of the Everden residence prioritizes the experience of space while offering flexibility in material expression. This approach was fundamental in aligning with the client's budget strategy and overarching goal: to develop a project that is impactful without being extravagant.

The exterior of the house showcases corrugated metal cladding—an option chosen for its durability, affordability, and familiarity. Through precise detailing of levels and parapets, the material is elevated to create the visual effect of stacked boxes. Similarly, the interior design revolves around a key feature: the peaked ceiling scape. This strategic focus allows other details to take a secondary role, resulting in a more cost-effective solution.

Project Credits:

StudioAC Team: Madeline Planer, Shasha Wang, Jonathan Miura, Audrey Liang, Jennifer Kudlats, Andrew Hill
Structural engineering: Blackwell Structural Engineers
Construction management: Whitaker Construction
Photos: Doublespace Photography 

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