EGOI + CLAVEL's Kitchen

EGOI + CLAVEL's Kitchen

The customers already owned the warehouse adjacent to the intervention area where the companies are based. However, due to the company's exponential growth, the imperative to expand the physical space became constant.

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February 3, 2024
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Project Details:
Address: Matosinhos
Program: |
Year: 2020
Area: 2,800 sq.m.

The customers already possessed the warehouse adjacent to the intervention area where the companies are based. However, due to exponential growth, the necessity to expand the company's physical space became a persistent requirement.

The primary challenges of this intervention revolved around interconnecting the two warehouses seamlessly to integrate the original and new spaces. Additionally, establishing synergistic dynamics between the two distinct yet collaboratively working companies was crucial.

Designing the headquarters of a company involves a significant consideration of creating a space that aligns with and expresses the corporate culture. In this instance, both E-goi and Clavel's kitchen, despite maintaining an informal management style, sought a professional yet fluid, equal, heterogeneous, and unpretentious space.

Functionality-wise, the new space had to offer spatial flexibility to accommodate the company's growth. It also needed to incorporate a new photography studio, multiple meeting rooms (both formal and informal), video-call booths, and a dining area capable of hosting at least a hundred people simultaneously.

To meet these requirements, the architects strategically distributed wooden boxes throughout the space, integrating enclosed spaces like meeting rooms, bathrooms, and video room booths within them. This arrangement defined the spatial dynamics, ensuring versatility by placing functions in a heterogeneous manner and creating an organized chaos that provided spatial flexibility. The resulting nooks and crannies allowed for various types of appropriation, each endowed with a distinct personality. The design guarantees expansive areas for natural interaction among coworkers, as well as discrete spaces for reading, relaxation, or informal meetings.

Project Credits

Main Architect: Paulo Merlini/ André Santos Silva
Photographer: Ivo Tavares Studio

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