Pinnacle Court by Jess Pedersen Architecture

The client, a sculptor, and his wife initially approached J.P.A. with a sole request for a studio adjoining their residence. However, ...

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August 20, 2023
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Project Details:
Address: Carbondale, Colorado
Program: |
Year: 2018
Area: 2,500 sq.ft.

The client, a sculpture artist, and his wife came to J.P.A. only wanting a studio next to their home. During the design process it grew to having a living space above the studio, which grew to having a small house attached to the studio forming a compound.

Exterior View
Exterior View | Photograph © Mountain Home Photo

Jess has been our architect on several projects over the past ten years. He is easy to work with, and his designs are interesting and thoughtful. He always carefully listens to our ideas and is able to create a plan that meets our needs both as individuals and as a family. We highly recommend Jess Pedersen Architecture

-  Client
Courtyard | Photograph © Mountain Home Photo

At this point it became clear to the client; the project was outgrowing the neighborhood. After re-evaluating the project, the live / work compound is currently sited in a natural protected nest with post card views of Mount Sopris & the Roaring Fork Valley.

The courtyard compound consist of the central south facing piece being the studio flanked by a simple 2500 sq ft 2 bedroom, 2 story house one the west side, and a multi purpose guest wing /studio on the east side. The evolution of this compound came to include the desire to have the building blend into the surrounding landscape, and at the same time become the backdrop to create and display his sculpture.

As a general contractor, I can highly recommend Jess. His designs are very pleasing with a lot of thought put in to how they are lived in. He is a real team player, adding greatly to collaborative efforts and making the process smoother for all involved. Further, he gets information out on or ahead of schedule. Really been a pleasure working with Jess and hope to do more together in the future!

- Steve Lee - 3C Construction
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