Fantin Frame Sideboards have been given a fresh look

Fantin Frame Sideboards have been given a fresh look

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June 1, 2021
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Fantin is a well-established producer of superior metal furniture and solutions. It is relaunching the iconic Frame collection with new colours and an entire range of finishes for spring, for the Sideboards in particular. This all means that one of its most popular collections now has even more to offer. 

The Frame selection was designed in 2018 by Fantin’s Art Director Salvatore Indriolo and included in the 2019 ADI Design Index. It features tables, cupboards, sideboards and a variety of accessories, as well as the successful kitchen workstation, which won an Archiproducts Design Award in 2018. The collection was later expanded with the addition of the Bookcase system in 2019 and the Tall units in 2020. The most distinguishing feature of the entire Frame collection is unquestionably the sturdy square frame, which is clearly visible on all of the products. 

Fantin Frame Sideboards have been given a fresh look
Fantin Sideboard

Three widths are available for Frame Sideboards: 3, 4 or 5 doors. It is possible to choose between solid doors, perforated doors and alternating solid and perforated doors. Together with the huge Fantin colour palette, this provides the scope for unprecedented customization options. The Sideboards have an extremely sophisticated minimalist design, with a distinctive, slender top that is just a few millimetres thick. 

In 2021, Fantin has decided to brighten up its Sideboards with a new colour palette of more contemporary shades that are the perfect match for the warmer weather and its powerful spirit of renewal. 

Fantin Frame Sideboards have been given a fresh look

Fantin is presenting 11 new colours altogether: six have Metal Essential finishes (Milk White, Flame Red, Melon Yellow, Pastel Green, Dusty Blue and Coffee Brown) and five are from the Metal Design selection, with three Metallic finishes (Platinum, Titanium and Silver) and two Earth ones (Clay and Ocean). Each of them is capable of making an impact, adding personality and fitting into its surroundings while unfailingly adding the class and refined linear qualities of the finest Italian creations. 

In recent years, Fantin’s tireless studies and research into finishes have enabled it to produce increasingly sophisticated metal creations that fit perfectly into a vast range of settings. 

About Fantin:
Since 1968, Fantin has been passionately creating metal furniture and solutions that are renowned on the market for one key value: quality, which in this case means a blend of visual appeal, solidity and environmental friendliness.
Great attention to detail is shown in both the technical features and the appearance of all items of Fantin furniture, which are capable of fitting into a wide range of settings: from homes to offices, public spaces and industrial locations.The secret to their versatile nature lies in the fact that every single product can be customized to cater to even the most complex demands. The combination of ingenious design and bespoke quality has given rise to prestigious partnerships all over the world 

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