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I4.0 Valley, a masterplan proposal by Salon Alper Derinbogaz

Curated by Aline Chahine | 
November 24, 2019
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Project Details:
Address: Neuwied, Koblenz

 I4.0 Valley Masterplan proposal aims to define a new relationship between technology and nature with a human-oriented approach in Neuwied, Koblenz. The masterplan project in Germany includes variety of programs such as residential and commercial areas as well as ecological restoration strategies.

The city Neuwied, is the center of Neuwied District in Rhineland-Palatinate state in Germany. The city covers an 86,5 km2 land and has a population of 66 thousand people. As one of the important inputs of the design process, Neuwied is located near Frankfurt, Koblenz and Köln and provides an easy access to those cities by train, cars and busses with railways and highways. As a self-sufficient city in terms of agricultural, Neuwied became a center open for innovations in terms of urban and commercial developments after the industry leaving the area.

General View
General View

I4.0 Valley Masterplan site is an abandoned industrial area near the center. It is located in the streamside of Rhine River. The site intercommunicates with both urban and green parts of the city. Inspired by that, the masterplan proposes a new type of urban fabric shaped with natural formations. The I4.0 Nuewied generates diverse spaces, different scales of public spaces, natural corridors with strong connections both to the natural valleys and highways connecting to Frankfurt and Cologne.

Besides allowing diverse spatial characteristics, such as courtyards, blocks and open areas, a water element is used in the masterplan. The water element creating a meander is maximizing natural features in the site and creating a shell that interconnects with the urban texture of Neuwied by helping the masterplan to establish centers and social settlements on site.

Project Area Analysis
Project Area Analysis

This nature inspired formation of the masterplan anticipates the neighborhood to grow a strong sense of locality and authenticity. I4.0 Valley Masterplan encourages diverse forms of social interaction, community feeling, and on a larger scale, the neighborhood feeling. The masterplan is designed to provide integration of different social groups on a new urban fabric housing diversity of buildings.

B42 Highway near the site, creates a connection between the masterplan and Rhine River. It provides an interconnection of vehicles and pedestrians as a result of the shell and the water element. This synthesis supports the post industrial lifestyle that establishes new employment opportunities. With those strategies and improvements of new tech qualifications of I4.0 Valley, Neuwied also focuses on future business.

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