experiment 01 / építész stúdió

experiment 01 / építész stúdió

Curated by Aline Chahine | 
November 26, 2019
| Est. Reading: 1 minute
Project Details:
Address: Hegymagas
Year: 2019

Text provided by the architects

The bench is the first small scale experimental project funded, designed and realized by építész stúdió. It was aimed to be a test for unconstrained architectural idea as well as a common experience for the studio in the materialization of a thought by our own hands.

experiment 01 / építész stúdió
Photograph © Gergely Kenéz

We found cooperation with the organizers of a wine festival on Szent György-hegy, a hill overlooking Lake Balaton from the north. Without a specific program we were looking for interventions that can enrich the experience with unordinary solutions. Since the location is uniquely picturesque we proposed creating places of rest, where one can stop and appreciate it. But rather than creating regular benches, we tried to come up with a form, that could be unique to the site, and memorable for the user. Our inspiration came from the material used - acacia pickets commonly used by the local vineyards - and the basalt formation of the hill itself. By simply stacking these pickets close enough to each other the tips provide a surprisingly comfortable surface, without any connection between the elements.

The idea of the benches was interpreted in the form of guide-posts that help navigation at intersections. Each winery was marked by a slightly tilted picket, parallel to each other, so the signals are easily extendable.

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