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MVRDV’s Winy Maas Selected as Domus 2019 Editor-in-Chief

The MVRDV principal and co-founder will head Domus for the upcoming 10 issues as part of the magazine’s new 10x10x10 editorial strategy.

MVRDV Breaks Ground on its First US Project, a Colourful 22-Storey “Vertical Village” in Manhattan’s Washington Heights

The Radio Tower & Hotel is a 21,800-square-metre mixed-use high rise located at 2420 Amsterdam Avenue in the Washington Heights area in Northern Manhattan.

MVRDV’s M·Cube Combines Pearlescent Exuberance with Contextual Modesty in Beijing

The Beijing KWG·M·CUBE, a 40,000-square-metre shopping centre designed by MVRDV, has completed construction in Beijing.

MVRDV’s first project in Sri Lanka, Veranda Offices breaks ground

Last month, the ground breaking ceremony took place marking the start of construction for Veranda Offices, a 12,000m2, eight storeys high and a mixed-use office block offering some commercial activities in an activated plinth

Ilot Queyries, a pilot project by MVRDV in Bordeaux updates the European city with intimacy, liveliness, light and an adapted scale

Ilot Queyries will create a new neighbourhood East of the River Garonne and will transform the area into a lively urban setting spanning 2.5 ha with over 300 apartments ...

MVRDV completes Seoullo 7017, a 983-metre botanical floating walkway, a transformed former city highway

MVRDV completes Seoullo, Seoul’s Skygarden, a 983m viaduct transformed into a botanical garden in the centre of Seoul

MVRDV completes Bałtyk, a 25,000m2 mixed-used development in Poznań

Poznań is a city with a long history, and Bałtyk draws inspiration from its modern heritage, particularly the iconic Okrąglak (Rotunda) designed by Marek Leykam