Nogales Pavilion by Acrónimo
| September 1, 2023
This project is for a place to celebrate life with family. To build a space of leisure, a flexible one that can host grand family events but also informal gatherings. We had a big challenge: sort out these different stages on a single architectural plant.
The Burleigh Pavilion by Alexander &CO.
April 22, 2020
The Burleigh Pavilion at Burleigh Heads on Australia’s Gold Coast is an iconic beach ‘Pavilion’ structure built to provide shelter and amenity to bathers and surfers who flocked to the beaches when the ban on daytime ocean bathing was lifted in 1903
Floating Pavilion by Bruno Rossi Arquitetos
April 1, 2020
The floating pavilion represents a building with no clear boundaries, without beginning or end, mimetized in the landscape, over the diffusive and reflexive territory of a water containment basin ...
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