Design Raid Technology Morpholio launched Trace Pro for iPad Pro & Pencil

Morpholio launched Trace Pro for iPad Pro & Pencil

Morpholio introduced last month Trace Pro, delivering the simplicity, fluidity and delight of the architect’s iconic trace paper sketch combined with the intelligence, flexibility and scaling of CAD.

Morpholio launched Trace Pro for iPad Pro & Pencil
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It is a timeless design tool re-imagined to fuse the creative benefits of analog behavior with the power of digital magic.

“Software should mirror the gestures, intuition and behavior of the creative,” says Toru Hasegawa, Morpholio Co-Creator. “Trace Pro seeks to amplify it, and in doing so, make it as smart and elastic as possible.” Imagine being able to zoom-from a city, into a house, into a room, into a table-in seconds. Export your entire drawing set to your clients in one tap. Control layers anywhere on any drawing at the same time.

Trace Pro is the future of how we work: fluidly between media, and across devices – mobile and desktop together.

Trace Pro 5 Super Tools:
Hyper Zooming with Scale:
Zoom from a plan sketch, into a room, into the furniture, and ultimately into the details. Trace offers you this opportunity in one set of drawings and all to scale on independent sheets. One background could give you as many drawings as you want at any scale, in any layout, in seconds.

Morpholio launched Trace Pro for iPad Pro & Pencil
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Designware: Stencils, Pens and Rulers:
Remember the old clear zip envelope of the architect’s stencils? Now imagine that at any scale and with you at any time. Draw an entire garden in seconds with a tree stencil, or add scale figures to any section. Not just smart, but fun to use, they offer a favorite technique of architectural drawing in a new way.

Layer Intelligence:
Every layer of Trace is now its own drawing with a life of its own, in order to maximize your control. Hide or open layers while you manipulate their paper type and opacity. Assign a scale or name to a layer to make it a drawing. Use layers to make as many drawings as you need.

Morpholio launched Trace Pro for iPad Pro & Pencil
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After your drawings are done, break out to discover an entire new world of export. Control title blocks, layers and borders to make a quick set of sketches into set of official drawings in an instant. Send to a contractor, colleagues or client in seconds.

Morpholio launched Trace Pro for iPad Pro & Pencil
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The Desk:
No drawing would be complete without a desk to draw it on. You can now zoom out of any drawing and use three fingers to move a sheet of Trace anywhere you want. Spread out three options across a layout. Shift a sheet of trace to move a bathroom to another location. Put old studies off to the side. The entire work area is open and easy to maneuver.

If designers can be supplied with digital tools fueled by analog thinking, they will advance the early phases of the design process without allowing overly complex software to hijack creativity. Trace Pro is the drawing software for ideation, that optimizes the relationship between designers and devices, making creative work more productive and more meaningful. It is not only a new way of working it is part of the latest renaissance in drawing, imagining the heart of the designer merged with the brain of a computer.

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