Tour Emerson Resort & Spa, Mt. Tremper, New York with Chibi Moku

Emerson Resort & Spa is a beautifully renovated vacation destination located in Catskills Mountains of New York. Once an old farm & barn, this site has undergone multiple changes over the years. Recently, saw it’s most significant change during a renovation by New Haven interior design firm CAMA Inc.

Emerson Resort & Spa, Mt. Tremper, New York

CAMA worked closely with the Emerson Resort & Spa to update and unify the design of interiors across the resort’s campus in an effort to rebrand the Emerson as a restorative destination for wellbeing where one can replenish mind, body, and soul.

Emerson Resort & Spa, Mt. Tremper, New York


Drawing inspiration from biophilic design principles as well as from the beauty of the surrounding natural landscape, this new approach to interiors utilizes materials, textures, patterns, lighting, and artwork that references nature, but also strikes the right balance between casual comfort and sophistication.

This new approach is being realized in the complete renovation of a restaurant, inn rooms, spa, key public spaces, and interior and exterior signage packages.

Emerson Resort & Spa –
Video & Photo by Chibi Moku – chibimoku.comColor Grading by Bryan Smaller
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