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How to Choose the Right Screen and Window Repair Service

During the summer, window screens become indispensable, acting as barriers against insects while facilitating the influx of fresh air. Nonetheless, a single instance of impromptu soccer goal kicks can result in a residence riddled with gaps and rips. Opting for the appropriate screen and window repair service tailored to your requirements becomes paramount.

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August 16, 2023
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Window screens are a summer necessity that keeps insects out and fresh air in. However, one afternoon of haphazard soccer goal kicks, and you may be looking at a home full of holes and tears. Choosing the right screen and window repair service for your needs is essential.

Do Your Homework

Window screens are a home feature often overlooked until they break down. But with the right screen material, your windows can invite in more sunlight and fresh air, defend against pests, and keep dust from building up on your window panes. But before you choose a Michigan Screen & Window Repair service, do your homework. This includes knowing what fix you need and choosing high-quality replacement parts. You’ll also want to consider your window manufacturer, as some companies offer onsite repairs or sell kits you can use at home. Window screens take a lot of abuse—from children’s hands to cat claws and long-term exposure to the elements. If you’re not careful, they can tear or even become dented, compromising their ability to do their job and keep pests out of your home. A professional screen repair and installation service will ensure your screens are in top condition. They will also help you choose the best materials for your needs and budget.

Ask for References

Window screens are often considered a minor feature in the home, but they help protect you from pests and allow for natural sunlight. Getting them repaired or replaced is essential for maintaining your home’s appearance and function. When choosing a screen and window repair service, you will want to learn about the company’s history and experience. Ask CAE Marketing & Consulting for references from previous clients and read reviews to find out what others have said about their work. When repairing or replacing your window screens, there are two options: rescreening and full replacement. Rescreening refers to keeping the window frame and reusing the screen mesh, while complete replacement involves completely replacing your windows with new frames and screens. When choosing a company, you will want to understand their process and whether they offer rescreening or complete replacement services. You will also want to compare their selections, including screen materials, frames, spline, and corners.

Check the Company’s License

Window screens keep pests and debris from your home while allowing fresh air and natural light. But even hardworking window screens can get damaged and need repair or replacement. The first step is determining the type of window screen repair you need. You can save money by simply patching the screen mesh if only the small tear is present, or you may need to consider full rescreening if the screen frame is damaged. The next step is to check the company’s license. You can do this online. This will help you find a licensed company with the necessary skills and experience for your project. If the company doesn’t have a license, you should look elsewhere. Also, check the company’s customer service policies.

Ask for a Warranty

Window screens protect your home from wayward insects and debris. However, over time they can become torn or cracked and eventually need to be repaired. To ensure your screens remain functional, ask about a warranty from the company you hire for your repairs. If your screen frames are in good shape, you can save money by repairing the screen instead of replacing it entirely. You can do this by following some simple steps. Start by removing the existing screen from your window and placing it on a large work surface. Using a tape measure, record the width and length of the frame. It is essential to record these measurements precisely, as this will help the company to ensure that your new window screen will fit perfectly. Next, locate the groove that contains the spline that holds the screen material in place. With a screwdriver, pry out the old spline and pull it away from the frame. Once this is done, use a wire brush to remove loose debris from the groove.

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