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Why You Shouldn’t Be Discouraged Even if Environmental Issues aren’t Getting Solved Yet

Your fervor for safeguarding the environment is evident. Your determination to enact tangible change is unwavering, driven by a resolute refusal to witness the degradation of nature.

Curated by Aline Chahine | 
August 20, 2023
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You’re passionate about protecting the environment. You want to do whatever it takes to change reality. You don’t want to see nature deteriorating.

Unfortunately, things aren’t looking positive right now. We can still feel the negative impact of global warming. Some people continue to be climate change deniers. Scientists admit that things might be heading in the wrong direction, and the damages are irreversible within ten years. If you look at these stories, you will feel discouraged. However, the reality is there’s hope. Don’t let anything you read or see discourage you from pursuing this fight. There’s still a chance to save the environment.

Organizations keep working

You volunteer for non-profit organizations because you believe in the cause. However, despite everyone's efforts, achieving the goals is still far from happening. If you feel discouraged, look at groups that continue fighting. They may not see what they want, but they're not losing hope. Instead, these groups keep recruiting people to volunteer and help in their causes. There’s no reason to feel hopeless when you still have allies in this fight who work hard.

You can do something at home

Look at your backyard whenever you feel terrible about what’s happening globally. There are things you can do now. For instance, you can work with trusted companies like aasvogel.co.uk if you wish to hire a skip. There’s a way to keep your house clean without throwing everything away. The company will help deal with the trash and recycle it. You can also teach your children how to segregate waste and clean the house. These strategies might be small, but they can go a long way if everybody does the same. 

Government leaders are doing something

It also seems discouraging when you have leaders against the reality of climate change. They keep denying its existence. They also promote policies that hurt the environment and only benefit a few. The good thing is more people see through them. Several leaders with terrible environmental policies get voted out of office. People see these issues as a priority. Even leaders of countries that used to not care about global warming reduction efforts are already in this fight. Sure, more needs to happen, but political will is already there. More voters across the world feel the need to elect the right people.

Social media is becoming a powerful tool

You might hate social media for several reasons, but you must thank it for contributing to this fight against global warming. It’s easier to spread the message through these platforms. While climate change deniers use the same strategy, you can counter their narrative easily. Be patient in dealing with people who are against your efforts. Keep sharing positive environmental conservation stories on your accounts. Encourage more people to protect the planet.

The truth is there’s still a chance to change the trajectory of our environmental woes. If you give up now, you’re wasting the efforts you made in the past.

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