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The Most Frequently Renovated Rooms in the House

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December 5, 2021
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No matter how beautiful your house was built, there will come a time you will need to make touchups here and there. Renovations are done either due to a necessity because of damage or a desire to upgrade. Homeowners take on various projects ranging from a simple repaint to tearing down entire walls and remodeling existing rooms to suit their taste and current lifestyle. Are you wondering which parts of the house are most likely to be renovated? We have listed them in this article. Read on.

  1. Bathroom
    In recent years, bathrooms came in as the number one most renovated part of the house. Bathroom upgrades vary from small-scale to large-scale, but all the same, bathrooms are among the more popular rooms that get a makeover every so often. The reason for this is that bathrooms are used frequently, so they age fast. Remodels are also very appealing, prompting homeowners to ride the hype.
  2. Kitchen
    The kitchen was previously the most renovated room but was only outdid by bathrooms in recent years. That’s understandable because the kitchen receives heavy foot traffic. It is a favorite hangout place for everyone. The children love chilling out while watching mom cook, and they frequently come in and out the entire day, looking for something to eat. If you are planning to resell your home, updating the kitchen is a great way to increase the value of your home.
  3. Roof and Gutters
    The roof takes a constant beating from changing seasons and other factors. Thus, it needs lots of TLCs. Good thing, the expert roof contractors in Rockford IL can provide quality assistance whether it’s about changing paint, repairing leaks, replacing gutters, or upgrading cracked vents. They can come anytime the roof needs care and maintenance, which may happen often.
  4. Bedrooms
    The bedrooms are like a home inside a home. They are personal spaces designed according to the one using them, so when a room changes its owner, it usually gets a makeover. Adding a personal touch to make it feel cozy and even more comfortable for the one using it is commonly the reason for an upgrade. From replacing the lighting to putting up wallpapers to building walk-in closets and breaking down walls, there are many repair tasks involving the bedroom, which will give it a whole new appeal.
  5. Living room
    Homeowners update this part of the house because it is the receiving area for everyone, including guests. If they want to make an impression or make a statement, the living room is redesigned according to a specific style. Changing trends also influence living room renovations. These days, living room design is more about opening the space with clean lines, keeping it homey for everyone, including pets.
  6. House exteriors
    A repaint of the home’s façade is probably the most common renovation project of all. It was perhaps the most consistent remodel known to people before the industry introduced attractive innovations on the look and function of the home.

There could be about a thousand and one reasons to get into a home remodel project. It could be a change in aesthetics, improved curb appeal, advanced functions, and additional amenities that upgrade the value of the abode. From repairing leaking roofs to innovating the lighting features with a voice command, you can freely indulge in a home improvement project to suit your lifestyle.

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