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How You Can Come Up with the Most Stunning and Appealing Show Home for Sale

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November 24, 2021
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A pristine show home is a delight to behold, and many a home buyer has been convinced to buy a piece of property just by the appeal of the show home alone. But if you have been tasked with creating the perfect show home, it’s not a task that you should take lightly, as you may already know. A show home is just that – the showcase of a home and how it could look if someone had a keen eye for design and exquisite taste. Designing a show home isn’t easy, and you have to think of every little detail that makes up the big picture. But there’s help to be had, so here’s how you can come up with the most stunning and appealing show home for sale.

  1. Select the colours with care

A good balance of colours is one of the most quintessential aspects of great show home design, but choosing the right ones can be tricky. But in the world of interior design, there is something called the "60-30-10" rule, and this can give you the best balance with the colours you choose for any room. 

The sixty (60%) stands for the primary colour you will make use of, and for this, neutral and subtle colours often work best.  You can choose colours such as grey, white, and cream, and these colours should be showcased in the home’s largest areas - the walls. An excellent primary colour will anchor a room's structure, and it should also complement your other selected colours and help you establish a great base.

Once you have decided on your primary colour, you can choose another shade that will add contrast and dimension – so this will account for the other 30%. Some brilliant examples of pieces that can help you establish this secondary colour are tables, chairs, and sofas. The last ten (10%) would be your piece de resistance, uniting the space into a coherent whole. This colour would be excellent for various accents such as cushions, artwork, and lampshades. With this, you can balance the room's feel and complete its look.

2. Know the colour trends 

If you’re not too sure about which colours to choose, some colours are on trend today. Some are quite popular, such as natural stone shades like brown, white, and grey. Subtle shades of green are also in vogue, and you can also mix brighter colours with classic metallic colours. Another option would be deeper jewel hues like cerulean, plum, and magenta, which can all stand as a room's feature.

Other combinations have stood the test of time, and you can see these timeless and elegant colours in many show homes, as confirmed by show home interior design specialists like Blocc. These colours include white and black, neutral hues like taupe, beige, and cream, and shades of grey. These are perfect for their calming appeal and warmth, and they make a home look sleeker and more stylish, too.

3. Be consistent 

Consistency is critical, so every room should have similar core colours combined with similar styles of furniture. This allows every room to shine with sophistication, and when one room complements the next, it makes the show home look more unified. Don't forget to pair your colours with subtle and elegant artwork, beautiful lighting fixtures, and furniture that match – and you'll have a genuinely harmonious place.  

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