YAK, a sustainable urban mobility solution for professional riders

YAK, a sustainable urban mobility solution for professional riders

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September 6, 2021
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Ergonomics has been enhanced up to the last detail to avoid overexertion, muscular problems and to make work easier for those who use a bike as a professional means of transport.

An interactive map, space for personal belongings and a magnetic rear support to transport cargo improve riders’ working conditions.

YAK, a sustainable urban mobility solution for professional riders
YAK by Alegre Design

Alegre Design has taken a further step after two decades working in mobility projects with YAK, a new electric bike designed, defined and improved down to the very last detail to improve the experience of professionals that use this vehicle in their everyday work.

The Alegre Design team has meticulously studied the constraints and inefficiencies of these vehicles, which are estimated to travel between 40 and 70 kilometers on average in a working day. On top of this are the muscular problems and the associated safety risks, whether personal or bike-related.

Yak is the answer: an e-bike with a human-centric approach to urban mobility.

Food delivery orders in Spain have increased by 27% over the past twelve months, according to industry studies. An increasing number of delivery couriers are now using bicycles to deliver food as quickly as possible. These riders have to carry heavy boxes loaded with food on their backs, stopping to check directions on their mobile phones, exerting themselves physically as well as keeping their personal belongings in their pockets”, explains Jorge Páez, responsible for this project at Alegre Design.

From an ergonomic point of view, the rear part incorporates a support which is equipped with an advanced magnetic system to hold the box containing the cargo in place while in transit. This means the rider does not have to carry the bag and can move freely while riding. Once the bike is disconnected, so is the system, enabling the load to be easily removed. When the bike is stationary, the platform folds down, taking up less space.

Riding is further enhanced by an interactive map that is projected onto the Yak's front windscreen. This navigation system avoids unnecessary stops and distractions. Handlebar-mounted controls allow the user to control the interface without taking their eyes off the road.

The bike itself is built using a new system that uses carbon laminates instead of metal tubes. These laminates allow internal storage spaces to be created within the structure. The saddle base is designed to house the battery, that can be detached and removed, meaning that it can be recharged without having to move the whole bike.

User and vehicle safety is another element that has been technically developed from a design point of view. The lights and indicators are integrated at the front, rear and on the handlebars alike, which also have a built-in SOS system that, once activated, sends the location of the rider and their vehicle to the emergency services. In the event of a robbery, the police can always track the location of the bicycle.

At the rear, an integrated bar lifts up and can be attached to any pole doubling as a padlock. If it is unlocked using blunt force, it will trigger a deterrent alarm.

Mobility is advancing at a blistering pace. Its transformation is accelerating in terms of speed, energy efficiency and user comfort. Yak puts the rider at the heart of the design process of the vehicle, always considering their physical, functional and professional needs, so that they can work under the best possible conditions in terms of ergonomics, efficiency and well-being”, highlights Marcelo Alegre, founder of the studio.

YAK, a sustainable urban mobility solution for professional riders
YAK by Alegre Design

The new mobility

Alegre Design is a studio with a two-decades of experience in the mobility sector. In this time Alegre Design has analyzed and presented solutions for people at their departure and arrival points, regardless of the distance implied by the mode of transport.

Thus, the studio has designed the Avant and Transit benches by Actiu, currently installed in airports around the world, and in the Core and Linear collections of the Italian manufacturer OMP. From their study of the interactions between user and vehicle, the projects for car washes and vacuum cleaners for the Istobal brand have emerged.

In the realm of urban mobility, Alegre Design has collaborated with the Japanese manufacturer Katzden in solutions for vehicles and bicycles. These range from the parking space barrier Pablo to a series of bicycle storage solutions for all ages that include models such as Cesta, Llatina and D-NA. Products that bring features of design to urban spaces.

YAK, a sustainable urban mobility solution for professional riders
YAK by Alegre Design

Alegre Design

Alegre Design is a design company founded in Valencia (Spain) in 2001, specialized in bringing innovation and value to people and companies through products and services. Over more than twenty years, Alegre Design has constantly faced design challenges that have resulted in professional collaborations on a global scale in industries that include furniture for workspaces, medical equipment, electronic products, lighting, and
childcare, amongst others.

The experience gained with each project allows Alegre Design to transfer knowledge between industries and cultures.

The studio’s motto is to inspire change through innovation, bringing value to companies and creating designsfor people. Alegre Design appliesits own Agile Design methodology focused on the user, which combines design thinking and agile methodologies and applies them to project management to open new market opportunities.

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