Alegre Design defines Istobal’s new vehicle vaccuming systems

Alegre Design defines Istobal’s new vehicle vaccuming systems

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June 10, 2021
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Alegre Design has designed a new line of vehicle vacuum cleaner for Istobal, Spanish benchman in vehicle cleaning technologies. Design, functionality and a new user experience are the main characteristics of the brand’s latest dust vacuum cleaner.

Its innovative and simple design creates a new standard for this industry and is born from an intense investigation of the user’s interaction with this type of cleaning device for vehicles. Contact processes, operation and efficiency have all been studied, always in the pursuit of comfort and speed in the process.


Alegre Design’s proposal has enabled this technical device to evolve from an industrial product to a consumer good, thanks to its smooth lines with rounded shapes. Eliminating the edges gives it an aesthetic personality and a technical advantage, since the spaces in which dirt can accumulate are reduced, making it easier to clean.

To enhance the cleaning experience, the design separates the management and payment area with the most functional part of the hose. The first is located at the top and the second on the front. Thus, the hose has its own separate support that facilitates the user’s movements and makes it easier to clean the machine. A nozzle allows it to be held.

Alegre Design defines Istobal’s new vehicle vaccuming systems

The vaccum cleaner can be used in lowlight conditions since it has been equipped with LED lighting that make its use easier. It also adds features that reduce the stress of the vacuuming process, such as the standby mode – that pauses the machine - and the option to pay for consumption. 

The vacuum cleaner incorporates Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity and technology for remote control and management and incorporates a 4.3″ color touch screen that, in addition to the vacuum cleaner’s functions and instructions, allows advertising to be shown. 

Alegre Design defines Istobal’s new vehicle vaccuming systems

The user is and must be the focus of everything. This statement is true for every sector and every industry. And it is the starting point of our Agile Design approach that we apply in all our projects. This new dust vacuum cleaner is a further step on our collaboration with industrial group Istobal. We have worked with them to define the current and future style lines of its washing centers”, explains Marcelo Alegre, Alegre Design’s CEO.

Along this whole process, Alegre Design has researched the vehicle cleaning industry and has applied their comprehensive knowledge on trends and technologies related to the automotive sector.

We’ve considered factor such as automation, sensorization and energy efficiency. We have studied the evolution on people’s habits, process automation, data transmission management, security, movement, and cleaning experience. All of these parameters have set the tone to define, through design, how we can improve the users’ experience, creating well-being for them in their everyday life”, highlights the designer.

About Alegre Design

Alegre Design is a design company founded in Valencia (Spain) in 2001, specialized in bringing innovation and value to people and companies through products and services. Over more than twenty years, Alegre Design has constantly faced design challenges that have resulted in professional collaboration on a global scale in industries that include furniture for workspaces, medical equipment, electronic products, lighting, and childcare, amongst others.

The experience gained with each project allows Alegre Design to transfer knowledge between industries and cultures.

The studio’s motto is to inspire change through innovation, bringing value to companies and creating designs for people. Alegre Design applies its own Agile Design methodology focused on the user, which combines design thinking and agile methodologies and applies them to project management and allows them to create products, experiences and services and open new market opportunities.

Alegre Design’s main products include Design Direction, Trend Research and Product Design. By applying the Agile Design methodology, Alegre Design created products and services that improve the value of companies through originality and efficiency. The studio looks for new perspectives and ideas by redefining services, products, and experiences to create a new future for people.

Alegre Design covers all research and design processes, bringing creativity and solutions to every phase of the project. Their products have won different design awards, including If Design, Red Dot, Design Preis, German Design Award and Delta.

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