Design Raid News LoggerHead Bar by YOD studio of commercial design

LoggerHead Bar by YOD studio of commercial design

LoggerHead Bar by YOD studio of commercial design
© Andrey Avdeenko

A single nameless door with a cutoff switch that looks like iron doorway of transformer house marks the entrance to LoggerHead bar. It is located in the dark patio in the very heart of the city. Adherents of bar culture have been hurrying and scurrying about the city in quest of this secret door for a month. As far as the bar is for friends and friends of the friends, it is not easy to find the way to it. You will not find its Facebook page as well as any identification marking. There is a peculiar audience here which is unique, closed and original.

LoggerHead Bar by YOD studio of commercial design
© Andrey Avdeenko

Let’s begin from the ground up. Why is such a name? Loggerhead is an iron tool in a form of a full sphere on a long handle. Mixologists used this tool to dissolve sugar in the drinks. In XVIII century, when mixology was conceived, loggerhead was the main instrument of bartenders. At that time the recipes were simple, ingredients were strong and the items of inventory were so few they could be counted on one hand. The legendary loggerhead made between 1740 and 1780 is kept in the bar nowadays. At the wish of the guests bartender can demonstrate the tool and let them into mystery of the “Archaic Period” of mixology.

LoggerHead Bar by YOD studio of commercial design
© Andrey Avdeenko

The premises devolved upon the bar are also saturated with history. The building is used to be the residence of Jacob Berner, a famous Kyiv merchant stapler and philanthropist. The building for Berner was built by Vladimir Nikolaev in 1886. Attentive guests will definitely notice the brick with “JB” initials on the sick walls.

LoggerHead Bar by YOD studio of commercial design
© Andrey Avdeenko

Bar concept as well as location has fully influenced interior character. To save the breath of history, it was decided to leave the space maximally pristine. Highlighting the key points, the bid was made for authenticity of the building, bartender’s art and jazz music. Thanks to architectural renovation and careful use of modern materials, the historic presence was highlighted.

LoggerHead Bar by YOD studio of commercial design
© Andrey Avdeenko

Arched domes of the premises survived intact. This forms LoggerHead’s character in particular and connects guests with the history of the place. Besides sole plate around the perimeter amber lighting is hidden. This helped to show the structure of ancient masonry construction. Smooth “honey” light floods the walls, intrigues and creates the mood. A pattern from brass, steel and latten was incrusted into the floor and sole plate diluting monotony of hot-rolled metal. LoggerHead’s soul is undoubtedly contact bar counter in the center of the space. There is a main crowd of guests here. People perceive bar culture, taste new mixes and communicate.

LoggerHead Bar by YOD studio of commercial design
© Andrey Avdeenko

Jazz is always played in the room with a scene. This helps to form community by music preference. Jazzy atmosphere is also highlighted by original lamps in the form of microphones developed co-authored by designer Andrey Galushka.

Project Details:
Location: 3 Shevchenka blvd., Kyiv, Ukraine
Area: 120 sqm
Design: YOD studio of commercial design
Graphic designer: Ilya Nepravda
Photographs: Andrey Avdeenko

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