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Foster + Partners’ Apple Iconsiam opens in Bangkok

Elevated above the “River of Kings” in the heart of Bangkok, the design provides a direct visual connection to the river, which has a special significance in Thai culture.

Spanish accessories brand Malababa is opening up a new space in Madrid’s Serrano 8

Spanish accessories brand Malababa is opening up a new space in Madrid’s Serrano 8, where its structure symbolizes and reproduces the firm’s identity features: light, texture, colour and shapes

BIZUU Après-midi / mode:lina

Blanka Jordan and Zuzanna Wachowiak, founders and designers of BIZUU, have created a brand new afternoon clothing line under the label BIZUU Après-midi

J.M. Weston at Gaumont Ambassade by loci anima

Enter the world of J.M. Weston and get swept up in the magic of the Gaumont Ambassade. loci anima, the designer of this pop-up...

Insanis – a Clothing Store by ANGATU

Trying to attempt all the longings of two young partners and friends, and print the identity of the brand in the architecture, ANGATU was...

LoggerHead Bar by YOD studio of commercial design

A single nameless door with a cutoff switch that looks like iron doorway of transformer house marks the entrance to LoggerHead bar. It is...

Shila Chain Restaurant- Niavaran Branch by Mohammad Kanisavaran

Shila chain restaurant was established in 2001 and they started to sell special hot dog until now. According to their goals, they decided to...

Boutique Surmesur by PARKA

Founded by brothers Vincent and François Thériault, Surmesur, specializing in tailored menswear, continues its growth. Quebec city's Surmesur boutique, first to open its doors,...

Meble VOX sklep / Meble VOX store by mode:lina

A change is a moment when you have the courage to think in a diferent way. Human needments are being changed at on...