Sandbox Studio

Sandbox Studio is a co-creative architecture & interior design studio based in Sydney & Canberra. We invite our clients to co-design with us. We sit with them over a coffee and get their imagination going. We engage them in conversations and exercises which help reveal to them and us what they really want. We know it's our job to come up with ideas and do all the architectural work, but we thin...

Front View
| March 21, 2022
Owen and Tom, a young professional couple, engaged Sandbox Studio to transform their rundown Victorian terrace in Paddington, Sydney, into a modern home, while restoring its heritage character
Rear Elevation
| March 13, 2022
Proving that well-designed home renovations are more cost-effective than moving, the latest home project by Sandbox Studio turns a 2.5-bedroom 1920s bungalow into a light-filled 4-bedroom family home.
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