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How to prepare for moving from Calgary to Toronto

Regardless of your proficiency in different aspects of moving, such as packing, the process of relocation, especially over long distances, can become challenging and intricate.

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February 26, 2024
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Regardless of your proficiency in different aspects of moving, such as packing, the process of relocation, especially over long distances, can become challenging and intricate. You need not resign yourself to the belief that moving from Calgary to Toronto will inevitably be time-consuming and demanding. Thanks to cross country moving companies Canada and our tips, you can turn your move into a seamless experience. Just read on attentively and make sure to remember crucial details.

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Familiarize Yourself with Your New Neighborhood

Assuming you've secured your new residence, but are still unfamiliar with the surroundings, especially if a pre-move visit is not feasible, there are effective ways to acquaint yourself remotely using tools like Google, maps, online forums, and your personal network. Whether you're exploring schools or seeking a cozy coffee spot, here are some strategies to familiarize yourself with your new city:

  1. Engage with a local social media group to connect with the neighborhood.
  2. Check online educational resources
  3. Check average temperatures; it might influence your need for items like snow tires.
  4. Identify nearby stores and eateries to avoid arriving at an empty house on an empty stomach.
  5. Locate new medical providers in your area for future reference.
  6. Observe typical traffic patterns, especially if you're commuting to a new job, and explore available public transit options.

Create a budget for your move

Let's confront the reality upfront: relocating to another province will incur expenses. However, it doesn't necessarily have to be exorbitant. If you're moving due to a job opportunity, inquire whether your new employer provides relocation assistance. If that's not available, there are still numerous ways to cut costs. A key strategy is establishing a budget and diligently monitoring your expenses.

Start packing your items in advance

Undoubtedly, packing stands out as one of the most significant and intricate facets of the moving process. Given that you're relocating from Calgary to Toronto over a considerable distance, tackling this task with due seriousness is imperative. Successfully transporting all your belongings from one city to another is undoubtedly a challenging endeavor. Fortunately, with early preparation for your relocation, you stand a good chance of achieving success in your efforts.

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To ensure a smooth moving process, we recommend initiating the packing phase six to eight weeks before your scheduled move. If you plan to utilize a storage unit in Canada, it's advisable to start packing those items first. The idea is to clear out items you won't immediately need, allowing you to focus on essentials later on. Begin by packing non-essential items like seasonal clothing and holiday decorations. Gradually progress to items you deem essential, such as furniture. We strongly advise creating a moving essentials box containing daily-use items like your toothbrush, as you'll likely lack the energy to sift through numerous boxes when searching for necessities like toilet paper or a change of clothes.

What's the best way to pack your belongings when making the move from Calgary to Toronto?

Now that you recognize the importance of an early start in the packing process, it's time to begin. Commence packing in the rooms with the least frequent use, such as a guest bedroom. Following that, pack items you won't require until after you've moved into your new home. Maintain organized inventory lists and clearly label all boxes. By the evening of the moving day, ensure everything is prepared and packed, excluding items designated for professional movers and your essential items box.

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Keep detailed lists of the contents in each box to address potential damage or loss during the relocation. Optionally, sketch a basic floor plan of your new house, assigning numbers to each room corresponding to the boxes designated for them. Alternatively, if you opt for one of cross country moving companies Canada, you can enlist their services for both the packing and transportation of your belongings.

Say Your Farewells

While it might seem like a minor task amid the extensive packing and scheduling, including farewells in your moving-out-of-state checklist will be a gesture you'll appreciate. Reflect on the aspects you've cherished about living in the state, this neighborhood, and your current home. Whether it's the local park, a favorite coffee shop, the public library, or the cozy window seat in your living room, make a deliberate visit to these places to bid your farewells. This could involve savoring the view from a park bench one last time or expressing your gratitude to the barista as you let them know about your move.

Even though you'll likely interact with friends or family close to your move date, and they might even assist with the packing, as the deadline approaches, ensure you allocate quality time for meaningful moments with the important people in your life. If you prefer a grand and collective farewell, consider hosting a final dinner party – perhaps with pizza and paper plates to keep things simple amid the packing process.

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