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Homes for the future: How prebuilt homes are revolutionizing housing

Prefab homes are currently experiencing a surge in popularity. In the face of rising housing expenses, these prebuilt homes are disrupting conventional construction methods and offering an economical yet high-quality housing alternative.

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August 20, 2023
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Prebuilt homes are having their moment. Amid soaring housing costs, prebuilt homes are challenging traditional builds and creating an affordable, quality housing solution.

Traditional building has long been the popular option. But times are changing, and our housing needs are changing. And with that, prebuilt homes are making a comeback.

Having your home built off-site is not what we’re used to. Naturally, there is still some apprehension around prebuilt homes. However, with their high-quality materials and customizable design, prebuilt homes are revolutionizing the housing industry.

So, put aside your preconceived notions about prebuilt homes. We’re here to tell you why we should all embrace their resurgence.

Quality materials

Prefabricated homes are unfairly associated with ‘cheap and poor quality’. Many still think of their rickety high school classrooms when they hear the word ‘prefab’. Their origins put them on the back foot, but prebuilt homes are not what they used to be.

The prebuilt industry took off during the 1950s as the housing market grew rapidly after WWII. Back then, prebuilt homes were a temporary housing solution prone to deterioration.

Fortunately, the industry has come leaps and bounds since then!

We’re experiencing another rapid increase in the housing market, only this time we’re handling it the right way. Prebuilt homes are now recognized as permanent housing, built with high-quality (and often eco-friendly!) materials. We’re talking double glazing, insulation, durable cladding, aluminum joinery, solid roofing and everything else you need for a warm, dry and comfortable home.

Convenient off-site construction

Imagine not having to fork out the extra cost of scaffolding and fencing. How about not having to clean up the construction site once the builders have gone?

This is where prebuilt homes are the most convenient way to build. Their off-site construction means you won’t be hit with unexpected costs or building debris. You’ll simply finalize your design and wait for your brand-new, fully constructed home to be delivered. It really is that simple.


Cost is, without a doubt, the most popular reason for the resurgence in prebuilt homes. We all know what the cost of housing is like these days. Even sourcing materials for a traditional build comes at a great expense.

While the prebuilt homes industry has also had to wade through these issues, it has come away relatively unscathed. Prebuilt homes continue to be dramatically cheaper than traditional builds and minimize the risk of blowing the budget.

So, how much will I save by purchasing a prebuilt home?

On average, prebuilt homes cost approximately 15% less than a traditional build. You’ll undoubtedly save a pretty penny with a prebuilt home.

If you’ve looked into building a new home, you’ll know that builders recommend adding 10-20% to your budget for unexpected costs. You won’t get any of these ‘surprises’ with a prebuilt home. Much like the design, the cost of a prebuilt home is predetermined. Once you sign on the dotted line, you’ll know what your brand-new home will cost you.

Fast turnaround

Most prebuilt homes are ready in as little as six to eight weeks. The more intricate designs can take up to 12 weeks. Unlike traditional builds, prebuilt home construction sticks to a strict timeline, ensuring customers receive their homes on the agreed date.

It’s all in the way prebuilt homes are designed and constructed. While you’re free to add a personal touch, prebuilt home designs are predetermined, and builders know the process like the back of their hands. It’s like a giant puzzle that simply needs to be pieced together.

With all the materials and labor on-site, they have everything they need to ensure each home is built without delay.

Unique designs

It’s a common misconception that prebuilt homes are all the same. This is simply not true. Prebuilt homes come in various designs, from traditional to contemporary. Whether you’re looking for a small granny flat, a classic family home or a modern townhouse, there are prebuilt house plans to suit every need.

Each prebuilt home company boasts a different collection of designs, so it’s important to shop around and find one that’s right for you. Once you add your personal touch to your design, you’ll have created something truly unique.

Paint colors, cabinetry, light fixtures, bathroom hardware, flooring – it’s all your call. With the ability to add your special touch, your prebuilt home will be unlike any other.

Are you ready to embrace the prebuilt trend?

Forget what you thought you knew about prebuilt homes. The industry is taking off, and it’s all because prebuilt homes offer a unique range of benefits that no other form of housing can deliver.

Prebuilt homes allow us to think outside the square and create the homes we dream of at an affordable price. If you’re looking at purchasing a new home, perhaps a prebuilt home is the right way to go about it.

The prebuilt homes trend is on the rise. It’s time to get on board.

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