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Design Tips for Planning a Home Yoga Studio

For those who have a fondness for using yoga as a means of relaxation, having a personal yoga studio at home represents a paramount aspiration.

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August 20, 2023
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A home yoga studio is an ultimate goal for anyone who loves to practice yoga as a relaxation tool. It allows you to practice yoga at a time that suits you, whether that happens to be at 5 AM or 11 PM. With a home yoga studio, you can be more consistent with your yoga practice and when the stress of the day gets too much, you have a place where you can retreat and reconnect with your mind and body.

If this sounds like perfection, read on for some useful planning tips.

Choose the Right Location

Peace and tranquillity are essential for a home yoga studio. A spare room will do if there isn’t any other option but beware of setting up a home yoga studio in a noisy or busy part of your home. You won’t be able to relax enough for a meaningful meditation or mindfulness session.

One solution many people opt for is to invest in a garden building, solely for use as a yoga studio. That way it’s away from the main hustle and bustle of your home and you can go there to find real peace and quiet. And if you one day sell the house, it becomes a great feature that can easily be converted into a home office, art studio, or guest bedroom.

Light and Space

The best home yoga studios have natural light and plenty of space. You need room to stretch and practice your routine. High ceilings are most desirable, but if this isn’t possible, fit skylights and tall windows to maximise natural light and create a sense of space.

When installing artificial lighting, choose low lighting. Mood lighting or smart lighting is best, as it can be adjusted to suit the mood. The softer the light, the easier it will be to achieve calmness and serenity.

The Right Ambience

Once you have plenty of natural light and space, start focusing on the smaller details. Choose soothing colours for the walls, such as warm greys, pale greens and blues, or soft neutrals. These shades are less distracting and more likely to relax rather than energise.

While you don’t want too many distractions in a home yoga studio, it’s nice to add a piece of art, such as a painting you feel a connection with, or a photo of a meaningful memory. Buy some scented candles so your yoga studio smells lovely. Choose scents that appeal to your tastes, such as warm vanilla or patchouli. Fix mirrors to the wall so you can check your form.

Invest in a Hardwood Floor

The flooring in a home yoga studio is a key decision. Hardwood flooring is always a good choice. It looks beautiful and wears well. Look for Wood Floor Specialists – London to view your options. A professional installation is always the best idea.

Finally, have lots of plants in your yoga studio. Plants clean the air and help you connect with nature to boost your serotonin levels.

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