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6 Ideas for Lighting Up Your Deck

As the days grow longer, we're all looking for new ways to make the most of our outdoor spaces.

Curated by Aline Chahine | 
August 20, 2023
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Whether you're entertaining guests or just enjoying a peaceful evening alone on your deck, adding some well-designed lighting can completely transform the atmosphere, and provide more than just illumination when it comes time to switch off from everything else. With that in mind, here are ideas for lighting up your deck to set yourself up with the perfect spot to while away those summer evenings.

1.   Install Some Railing Lights

Railing lights are the perfect way to get a gentle ambient glow for your deck. There's a vast variety of styles available, from classic solar-powered LED strips to contemporary design options with integrated motion sensors. Best of all, many railing light systems can be easily installed by DIYers. Their warm light will create a relaxed atmosphere when entertaining guests or enjoying alone time on the deck.

2.   Hang Some String Lights

Nothing says summer like beautiful string lights! Perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere, string lights come in an array of shapes and sizes, from classic white bulbs to colored globes to intricate paper star designs. Hang them along the railing of your deck or drape them over trees and shrubs in a nearby garden.

3.   Illuminate Walkways With Ground Lights

Ground lights are ideal to ensure you and your guests don't trip over as you move around the deck in the evening. Look for waterproof, low-profile designs that blend into the landscape and provide subtle illumination for paths and walkways. Many ground lights also come with motion sensors, which will turn on whenever anyone moves around your deck.

In-built floor lights are another option if you're looking to create a custom look. They are much less invasive than traditional light fixtures and can be installed in various shapes and sizes.

4.   Create an Ambiance with Lanterns

Lanterns are a great way to create ambiance on your deck. Pick up some battery-powered LED models, all shapes and sizes, and hang them from trees, posts, or the deck's railing. Alternatively, you can set up some solar-powered lanterns in strategic locations around the area. Both will provide a lovely, soft glow perfect for entertaining or enjoying alone time.

5.   Use Wall Lights to Create Focal Points

Having a focal point allows you to direct attention toward specific areas of your deck that are particularly special or visually interesting. You can use wall lights to create such focal points, choose from modern sconces, traditional lanterns, or even floodlights for dramatic effect. Don't forget to use dimmers or motion sensors to adjust the light levels according to the occasion.

6.   Don't Ignore Energy Efficiency

While you want your home to look good, dealing with high energy bills can be a burden. Make sure to choose energy-efficient lighting options when possible. Low Voltage LED Deck Lights are an excellent option for outdoor lighting because they use much less energy than traditional bulbs. And motion sensors are essential to ensure that lights aren't left on all night, as this will drain your electricity bill. Solar-powered lights are another great choice, as they don't require wiring or electricity. There are plenty of ways to light up your deck and make it a great place to relax, entertain and enjoy the summer months. You don't have to choose one type of lighting, mix and match different styles to create a unique look that reflects your taste. You'll have the perfect spot for cozy summer evenings with the right combination of lights.

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