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2 Tips For Dark Living Room Spaces

Curated by Aline Chahine | 
September 14, 2022
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Not everyone has or wants a bright living room space. Learning how to harness the darker atmosphere can take time. Read on for our tips.

People often equate dark living room spaces to being a bad thing, but this just doesn't have to be the case. Dark living room spaces can allow you to get access to a ton of options that most people will never have, and you have within your hands the potential to make a room that would blow the minds of any guests or onlookers. 

In this article, we will be diving into two tips that can help you make the most out of dark living spaces, as well as touching upon why dark living spaces can actually be a boon to your aesthetic if you allow them to be.

Play Into Your Strengths

Despite popular belief, dark living rooms can actually be stunning if you play into their strengths. Dark living rooms can allow you to create an incredibly relaxing/sensual space if you set things up correctly, and if you browse the web for dark living room ideas, you will come to find that they can look much better than their brighter counterparts. 

So, how do we play into a dark room’s strengths? Well, it's simple. You want to keep everything as dim as possible - this means dark wallpaper, minimal decor, and subdued light. You want to almost create a similar experience to that of what you would get at a cinema. 

For furniture, you still have complete freedom to go for any of the best living room sets you may desire - just make sure they are not too bright or overly colourful. All of these points put together will create an incredibly relaxing atmosphere, and if you pair this with a few RGB lights, then you will have the ultimate hang-out spot/entertainment room.

Utilise Contrasting Colours 

Learning how to play with contrast is absolutely essential for those with dark rooms, and this is especially important for people that love to add a splash of colour to every room in the house. You can ignore this point if you just want to go with the cinema room/relaxation space concept that we spoke about in the first section - this would not lend itself too well to this idea.

However, if you want to have a little bit of life in your room, using contrasting colours can make for an incredibly unique living room, and it will be almost akin to a piece of art if you manage to master this idea.

Something as small as getting a bright blue painting and putting on a midnight black wall can do wonders when it comes to giving your room that extra bit of life, and if you replicate similar ideas sparingly around your room, it has the potential to look truly mind-blowing. 

So, did we manage to change the way you perceive dark living rooms? We sure hope so. Dark living rooms can be made into something truly extraordinary if you know what you are doing, and everything you need to know to create the ideal room is contained within this article.

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