Is Artificial Turf Pet Friendly

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September 14, 2022
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Are you considering artificial turf for your yard? That’s great. There are so many benefits to switching from natural grass to artificial turf.

But one concern that some people have before making the switch is whether artificial turf is pet friendly. If you have a pet (or multiple pets) or are considering getting a pet in the future, you want to make sure that they can freely run outside and play in your yard. So it’s important to ensure that whatever you have in your yard is safe for your four-legged family members.

So, is artificial turf pet friendly? The short answer is yes. It is both safe and convenient. Here are some reasons why having an artificial turf yard is a great option for you and your pets.

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Your Pets Can Play, and Your Yard (and Home) Will Remain Mud-Free

If you have a natural grass yard that pets like to play on, you likely have seen holes in the grass from where your pets have done some digging or worn a path through to the dirt. This not only leaves your yard looking messy, but whenever it rains or the ground is wet, your pet is certain to get into a muddy mess. And no matter how well you clean your pet’s paws or fur, that mud will get tracked into the house.

With artificial turf, the messy yard and mud aren’t a worry. There is no mud. Artificial turf stays clean and has a proper drainage system that helps it dry much faster than natural grass does.

Your Pets Can Still Go the Bathroom Outside, and It’s Easier to Clean

Pets can still relieve themselves on artificial turf, just as they would real grass, and it’s actually easier to clean up. Natural grass can cause pee puddles, especially if the spot is hard or packed, but artificial turf has great drainage. The drainage system works well with urine too, not just water. Poop is also easier to pick up, as the poop in between strands as it would with real grass and can be rinsed clean as needed. All you need to do is quickly rinse the area where your dog goes to the bathroom with water once a week, and it’ll be clean and fresh just like new.

Another advantage is that artificial turf will remain green and plush no matter how often your pets use it as a bathroom. Brown patches of dead grass due to urine are common with natural grass. This isn’t a worry with artificial turf.

Your Lawn Will Look Perfect All Year Long

When you get a pet, lots of times you get one with the knowledge that your pet will likely do some damage to your lawn. Digging holes, ripping up or even eating the grass, and lawn burn are all common. Bare paths can also occur with natural grass as the result of pets running and walking along the same paths over and over again. The real grass is worn down by the constant trampling. It’s hard to get a pet to respect your lawn when they see it as a playground. With artificial turf, however, this won’t be a problem. Your lawn will look perfect all year, no matter what.

An artificial yard is more durable than a natural yard. The backing of the artificial turf is very strong, which means your pets (even dogs) can’t dig through the surface or rip out the fibers. There also won’t be any dirt or grass piles or missing divots. It’s possible to have a beautifully maintained yard and happy pets.

Your Pet Will Be Safer

Natural lawns can have a number of hazards for animals that pet owners may not be aware of. This includes weeds and plants that can be toxic if eaten, fleas, ticks, pollen that can trigger allergies in pets, and burrs. None of this is found in artificial turf, meaning you are putting your pet in a much safer environment. Pests including fleas and ticks cannot survive on it, and no weeds of any sort can grow on it, so there is no risk of poisonous plants or burrs that get caught in their fur. Artificial turf also will never trigger grass allergies, which can be common among some breeds of dogs.

Not only does artificial grass mean your pet won’t be exposed to natural hazards, but it also means there’s no need for fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, or any other sort of chemical you might use to care for your natural grass. All of these chemicals can be hazardous to you and your pets. With artificial turf, you can avoid them completely.

Proper Installation

If you have been hesitant about switching from real grass to artificial turf in your yard because of your pets, there’s no need to be. As you can see from the above, it’s safe and convenient for pets. It will also make life easier for you, as there is less cleanup, and you won’t have to worry about the time and cost associated with constantly maintaining your lawn. It will look perfect and green all year long, even with your pets running around out there and enjoying it.

We do stress the importance of making sure your artificial turf is installed correctly, as this will help guarantee safety both for your pets and you. If you’re looking at installing artificial turf, it’s important to hire professionals to do the work. The experts at Sportech in Oregon will ensure your artificial is installed safely so you and your pets can enjoy it for years to come. Contact us today to request a quote and get started.

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