Top Design Features Perfect For a Rental Property

Top Design Features Perfect For a Rental Property

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September 30, 2021
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If you’re looking to attract potential renters to a property, you need to consider what makes your space more appealing than other options. One of the most important features that renters look for when viewing a new home is the interior design and layout. This aesthetic allows them to imagine what life will be like in the property and how they can make use of the space. 

To make your rental stand out in the market, there are a few design features to implement. Take a look at the top elements to incorporate.

Make the design simple

While this is your property and you might want to put your own stamp on it, take a step back before redecorating. Some people fail to attract the best renters, as they can’t see themselves actually living in the space. To remedy this, keep the design simple. Too much personal design influence can create the wrong impression, so opt for minimalist features that appeal to a broader audience.  

Some top tips on décor and interior styling include:

  • Keeping it neutral in terms of colour schemes
  • Adding natural warming materials such as wooden countertops or flooring
  • Use easy-to-clean hardware in bathrooms and kitchens 

Opt for functional features with a hint of style

A rental property will be lived in like any other home, but opt for functional flooring, bathrooms, and kitchen spaces to avoid costly updates after every renter moves out. For example, pick laminate flooring instead of carpets to offer a fresher feel to the interiors. If you want carpet, choose darker colours; otherwise, you’ll find this to be a regular cost for cleaning and replacements. The kitchen and bathroom should also have a simple yet high-quality suite to ensure it lasts throughout the rental agreement. Another top tip is to install a shower over the bath. In comparison, shower trays are prone to leakages. Plus, incorporate an electric shower so the tenant can still use the shower in case of any issues with the boiler. 

Provide an unfurnished rental where possible

If you’re looking for long-term tenants, the best option is to provide the property unfurnished. When renters use their own furniture and make it feel homely to their preferences, they’re more likely to stay. However, if you decide to accommodate a furnished property, be aware of the risks of damages and maintenance to appliances and furniture. This can be challenging to manage if you have several properties, so considering property management companies in Washington DC is a great idea. This service provides experts in managing everything in the rental process, including helping you source quality renters who will look after the property. 

Renting out a property doesn’t have to be hard work. Some people think a simple design is too clinical and impersonal. However, in the rental market, potential renters are looking to add a personal stamp on a property without owning it. By giving them a canvas to work with, you will attract people looking for a fresh and modern outlook in the home.

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