Mollotta, a Magnetika idea by Ronda Design Lab


With Mollotta, you can hang anything you want in a creative and decorative way without drilling holes and without needing a drill.

Mollotta, a Magnetika idea by Ronda Design Lab

As its fun name suggests (molletta is Italian for clothes peg), Mollotta is a large stylised clothes peg (22 cm long, 6 cm wide and 4 cm deep) which can be attached to any metal surface, and which can hold items up to 2 kg in weight. Made of birch plywood and available in several colours, Mollotta can be interpreted and used in many ways: as a note clip, a book rest, a clothes hook, a towel hook for the bathroom, a photo and picture hanger… and for many other uses – your imagination and your needs are the limit.

A row of Mollotta in your entrance hall turns into an original coat rack; they can hold your cookery books and shopping lists in place in your kitchen, and even your tea towels if necessary; they can be used as towel hooks in your bathroom or even a practical hook to hang your bathrobe on….You can mix together several Mollotta, move them, reposition them, and since they are easy yet chic, they blend in with youthful and creative atmospheres as well as more traditional settings.

Mollotta, a Magnetika idea by Ronda Design Lab

Mollotta is part of the Magnetika collection by Ronda Design, a young Vicenza-based company which has pioneered a new approach to interior design in domestic settings, namely magnetic design. This entails a system in motion that can change, be revolutionised and enhanced according to the user’s needs and preferences, with endless customisation possibilities.

Product Details:
Name: Mollotta
Design: Ronda Design Lab
Materials: Natural or lacquered beech plywood
Dimensions: 22 cm long, 6 cm wide and 4 cm deep
Colours: White, red, natural beech plywood


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